Ecobead Cavity Wall Insulation

By far the most heat lost from your home escapes via the walls - over a third - so this is where its most important to insulate. Just this measure alone could cut your heating costs by up to 35%.

Titan Insulation can insulate your cavity walls using either Ecobead or Cosytherm Whitewool insulation.

NEW - Ecobead can now install on cavities 40mm and above.

NEW - Ecobead Partial fill on standard construction walls with a minimum 40mm gap.

Ecobead cavity wall insulation EcoBead is a high performance, injected, blown bead EPS insulation system that can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial cavity wall constructions as a full fill insulation solution.

Incredibly fast to install and with no waste, it is just as suitable for new build as it is for improving the thermal performance of existing buildings.

Ecobead is a truly modern method of construction. In new build construction you can build both leaves of a cavity wall right up to the roofline, with no stopping and starting to install the insulant. The insulating bead can be injected at any subsequent stage, speeding construction programmes and reducing costs.

Ecobad cavity wall insulation process from approved insulation installers Titan Insulation The EPS beads are injected into the wall with a specially designed adhesive and bond together forming a solid mass inside the cavity. The unique flow of bead coupled with its lightness enables the insulant to conform precisely to every fissure of the block and brickwork, producing a complete fill every time. The beads’ spherical structure creates tiny air pockets in the insulant once the adhesive has dried.

Every bead has a single point of contact with each of the surrounding beads, allowing the cavity to breathe and any moisture penetrating the outer leaf to drain away immediately.

EcoBead is unaffected by flood water ingress where water is free from harmful contaminants. Please contact our technical department for further information.

Ecobead is available in original white EPS or as Platinum, to provide even higher insulation values.

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Titan Insulation are CIGA registered and approved Cavity Wall Insulation installers

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