Remove Damp Condensation & Improve Air Quality With Ventilation

Is your property suffering from:

  • Streaming windows?
  • Black mould on walls or fabrics and furnishings?
  • Musty smells?

Condensation accounts for around 70% of reported damp problems in domestic dwellings and is often caused by inadequate ventilation.

Titan Insulation can assist you with your condensation problems with a number of cost effective ventilation solutions for both home owners and landlords.

Black Mould caused by poor ventialtion, damp condensation

The importance of good ventilation

Condensation and dampness in the home is caused by excess moisture in the air from bathing, showering, drying clothes, cooking and even breathing. Obvious signs of damp include windows steaming up, damp surfaces and the property smelling musty and patches of black mould.

Improved heat conservation measures such as insulation and double glazing contribute to the damp problem - as the air tightness of a property is increased, the opportunity for a property to be naturally ventilated is greatly reduced increasing the likelihood of condensation and dampness.

Condensation provides the ideal conditions for mould spores already in the air to germinate and grow, damaging your walls, furniture and clothes, and contributing to health problems.  The humidity can also increase the number of dust mite allergens in the home, which aggravates the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions. The spores from black mould can be a serious health risk - The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) recognises mould and damp as one of 24 hazards which can potentially 'cause risk or harm to the health and safety of an occupier'.

Furthermore condensation, dampness and mould is not only unpleasant but is also likely to be damaging and costly to your home, requiring treatment and redecoration of walls and ceilings where damp and mould flourish or replacement of furnishings. The best way to tackle condensation dampness is to provide adequate ventilation into your property.

Improved ventilation ensures that:

  • Potential health hazards from mould spores are reduced/removed, and the house also becomes less of an allergy risk by reducing dust mites and pollens, helping to ease the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions.
  • Expensive redecoration costs are avoided by preventing dampness and mould growth
  • Indoor air quality is greatly enhanced by removing external pollutants such as traffic fumes and radon gas.

Overcome condensation problems with improved ventilation

By installing an effective ventilation solution into your home, Titan can minimise the risk of damp and condensation by ensuring that the moisture created within your property is either removed or replaced.

Titan install an extremely effective ventilation system called Positive Input Ventilation that ventilates the whole property with just one fan. Positive Input Ventilation provides filtered, fresh air into your home, continually diluting and replacing any mositure laden air that has been created.

Why choose 'Positive Input Ventilation'?

  • Just one fan ventilates your entire home, saving on installation and running costs
  • Very low power consumption and costs (around 1p a day to run)
  • Extremely effective at removing condensation and damp, and preventing mould growth
  • Installation is non-dirsuptive (ideal for retro-fitting)
  • BBA approved and compliant with building regulations for new builds
  • Very low maintenance requirements (filters need replacing every 5 years)

Please contact us for more information on our ventilation solutions or to arrange an assessment of your property's ventilation requirements.

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