Insulation Grants

Up to 60% of the warmth in your home escapes through the walls and roof, costing you expensive heating bills and costing the environment too! To encourage more energy-efficient homes, the government is offering substantial insulation grants towards the cost of cavity wall and loft insulation for ALL homeowners.


Every home in Britain is eligible for an insulation grant

Everyone can benefit from an insulation grant towards cavity wall or loft insulation for their home, and the benefits can be enormous. Home owners, private tenants and landlords can all receive help towards the cost of insulating your cavity walls and loft, which means you could insulate your whole house -  creating a warmer environment and helping to slash energy bills!


The new Green Deal scheme started in December 2012. Please see information below to find out more about the Green Deal and see how this may affect you if you wait.


Home insulation can make a big difference to you and your home but the generous grant funding will be replaced with loans very soon. Householders should act now to ensure that they do not miss out.


Grant Eligibility

Please Note: Extra large properties may attract an additional charge. Loft Insulation will incur a charge of £149.00 for a loft top up if existing level is more than 2.5 inches/60mm. Some customers with open fires or gas appliances may need a core vent fitted to meet health & safety requirements. The surveyor will advise on any additional charges. All grant funding is limited and is subject to availability.

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Please note: Most houses built before the 1930s and are of solid wall construction and therefore not suitable for cavity wall insulation.

The Green Deal

The Energy Act 2011 has set the framework for the Green Deal and the new Energy Company Obligation (ECO).The Green Deal will enable private companies to offer consumers energy efficiency improvements without the upfront cost by allowing repayments in installments, through savings made on energy bills. From October 2012 consumers will be able to get finance of up to £10,000 to help pay for energy saving measures. The government is keen to stress that the Green Deal is not a 'loan' in the traditional sense. In theory under what is termed the 'Golden Rule.' you won’t pay back more money than you will save on your energy bills each month (although this is not guaranteed). This means that rather than having to dip into your savings or take out loans to install loft or cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, double glazing or maybe a new boiler, you can take out long-term finance and it will stay attached to your home, not you.


“ECO” will run in parallel and provide additional support where Green Deal finance alone is not enough, subject to criteria that are yet to be confirmed. Many of the details are still being worked out, but it is likely you will be able to get the Green Deal from a range of companies, such as your energy supplier or favorite supermarket.


Offer available to homeowners or private tenants only. You will be advised of any extra costs for additional areas at the time of the survey. All boarded walkways in lofts additional vents and clearances are charged extra. If you receive income-related benefits you may qualify for work to be carried out free of charge. Offer is subject to a site survey.

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