Whether you need to spruce up your own house or want to add value to a property ahead of rental or resale, you’ll improve the appearance and the value of your property using Titan Insulations  for repointing services in Sussex .

Repointing from Titan Insulation

Why repoint?

Gaps in mortar caused over time by weathering and decay not only look undesirable but can let in water, which through constant freezing/thawing and salt deposition can cause long-term significant damage.

Why use professionals?

Poor or home-DIY repointing work can do more harm than good. Invariably it won’t look great, and can often raise the level of the mortar joint above the face of the masonry, causing the mortar edge to feather and bricks to degrade.

Don’t take a chance with your brickwork, call Titan Insulation today!

Why use Titan Insulation Ltd?

We have the knowledge… It is essential that mortar used for repointing has similar performance characteristics (permeability, compressive strength, and proper thermal expansion properties) to the original mortar used in a building. We can design new mortar to match the colour and texture of existing mortar, to look great. Removal of some mortar joints is always done with great care to avoid damage to brickwork - removal by hand is often the most effective way. Certain depths are filled in several passes and the mortar allowed to cure for at least 24 hours.

Titan Insulation are CIGA registered and approved Cavity Wall Insulation installers

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